Wildfire Brotherhood

You can't buy Brotherhood

WildFire Brotherhood is a no nonsense club of Bikers, without regard of nationality, race, religion or otherwise. We are all united in our love of the motorcycle, the open road, freedom to go where we want and feel the wind in our faces. We do not just ride our bikes on weekends or wear our leathers as fashion statements. We seriously reflect the values of brotherhood, biker camaraderie and of supporting the larger biker community as well as our local communities.

We belief strongly that we all can learn something from each other and contribute something to the growth of one another no matter what our age or what the nature of our life experience.



Clubnights are almost every vrijday night.

Check our facebookpage to make sure we are there and not riding the roads. If you are interested in meeting us please drop a note at secretary@wildfire-brotherhood.nl



29 April 2016 - Clubavond
24 April 2016 - Motorrijders Peelland Truckrun Deurne
27 April 2016 - Koningsdag Ride Out
4 Mei 2016 - Dodenherdenking Breda


Old School Bikers

8 Rules of Etiquette

First Rule of Old School

For Yourself & Others
You have to give it to earn it.
No One Owes You Anything.

2nd Rule of Old School

Stand Tall, Keep Cool,
Be Proud, Stand Behind
Waht You Say With Action.

3rd Rule of Old School

Be Faithful, Steadfast and True,
To Your Club, Brothers & Sisters,
Let There Be No Question,
On Where You Stand

4th Rule of Old School

Be Truthful To Yourself and Others.
Do Not Lie, Cheat or Steal.
A Bikers Word is His Bond

5th Rule of Old School

Do What You Say What You Will Do,
Be Where You Say You Will Be.

6th Rule of Old School

All Bonds Are Build On Trust,
It Can Take Years To Build And
Seconds To Lose. To Be Trusted,
You Must First Prove To
Be Trustworthy.

7th Rule of Old School

Courtesy Costs You Nothing
And Gives You Everything.
Behave In a Polite, Considerate
And Respectful Manner.

8th Rule of Old School

Willingly Help Those in Need.
Protect The Weak.
Aid The Ill, Poor And Helpless,
Not Just Your Brothers And
Sister, But Everyone.

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